In Destance, being different is a crime. Enter at your own risk, fight, fall, and die as one of them. Or perhaps, rise above it all. Maybe you can set them free.

    Society -- Tattoos, Brands, Burns, and Scars


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    Society -- Tattoos, Brands, Burns, and Scars Empty Society -- Tattoos, Brands, Burns, and Scars

    Post by Masquerade on Tue May 15, 2012 9:25 pm

    Destance has a certain meaning for any skin marking you may receive, when the mark isn't an accident. A scar, of course, more commonly has no meaning to it, and is rather useless.

    But say... well, your neighbor down the street sees the new tattoo you got, and is suddenly enraged, racing across all the land between you and stabs you. (Although we all know that there's no violent occurrences in Destance, that's just all rumor.)

    Your new tattoo obviously must have insulted him in some way.

    So lets get down to business, perhaps by the end of this guide you'll be able to prevent your neighbor from stabbing you because of your lack of knowledge in a subject that every small child in Destance knows about. Shall we begin?


    The marks can come in a variety of different classes, which means the way that you came about them. As much as clothing can tell . someone what kind of person you are, so can these marks. Depending on what kind you have, it can tell someone if you're from the . wrong group of people, if your a higher up or a person to be avoided at all costs. That said, here are the kinds.

    A. Tattoos
    B. Brands
    C. Scars
    D. Burns

    A. Tattoos

    Tattoos tend to be more into the station/style side of things. Such as a noblemen, or a prince, (but we all know there are no nobles in Destance, seeing as all people are equals in the utopia.) may have a tattoo indicating their rank. This is also used to tell your job and the place where you live.

    The inks used in most, basically all, professional tattoos were developed by the doctors and scientist working within the prison walls. It is almost impossible to replicate and/or remove by current Destancian technology. Although the rumor is that the desert people living in the wastelands beyond Destance have developed a way, not that they'd be willing to share.

    To learn more about how the tattoos affect your everyday life in Destance, click [url=/]here[/url] (when I get that guide up. ^.^; )
    For the Tattoos themselves, click [url=/]here[/url]

    B. Brands

    Brands tend to be more condemning, a way of stating you are something, or have done something, that you should have/should be. They could mark you as a rebel, a prisoner, or even a freak. Those are just a few examples. There are many different levels of brands, just as there are different levels of tattoos.

    The prison scientists and doctors have their finger prints all over this process as well, having developed a new technology that allows the brands to be burnt into a persons skin, and yet it doesn't melt the tissue to the point of messing with muscles and messing up your hand, face, ect. So this allows for the placement of the brands in a variety of places.

    People who receive the brands are spared no pain. Whereas it may not melt the skin, it is still as painful, if not more so, as the original iron brand that we are familiar with today, you know, the sort that are used on cattle and other livestock.

    C. Scars

    Scars tend to be more for the lower class. Groups, gangs if you call them that, form and normally have some kind of sign to be cut into your skin. Most can't afford the price of a tattoo, or the attention that would be drawn in requesting a tattoo that isn't normal. The Tattoo artist could, depending on the person, turn over the information to the guards and then your could be screwed. So scars are easier.

    Scars tend to be either blatantly obvious, or hidden. There is no middle. And, seeing as this is done by individuals, there's a chance of infection. But this is also something that you can't approach just any doctor about. All of this taken into consideration, sometimes this can be a dangerous process.

    D. Burns

    These tend to be either self, or community administered marks. The guards have no interest in this, and they don't try stopping this either. Much like the brands they tend to be condemning something, but normally it isn't anything drastic. Some examples could be marking someone out as a flirt or a liar. Although, seeing one of these during the testing that decides your section can have some extreme reactions by the ones administering the test. One example is being packed off to the academy.

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