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    When the red sun rises....

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    When the red sun rises.... Empty When the red sun rises....

    Post by Shilo Savage on Thu May 10, 2012 6:46 pm

    The Telmar portal is located between the Islands of Kri (which are west of the Eastern continent on the planet of Andorian) and another small set of islands just below Merlinea. Telmar is shaped sort of like a top, the land is flat, then comes to a point at the very bottom of the small planet. It's grass is a light teal, and its trees range in various blues, purples, and pinks. It's flowers and other plant life usually are in different colors of greens, oranges, yellows, and reds. The portal entrance is right in the middle of a hydrogen forest that rests on a deep body of water to the south of the main land mass. The water surrounds the land mass and falls off the edges of the world only to come back together and be absorbed at its point. The water that is absorbed then runs through the core and is poured out again at a large fountain that rests in the very center of the planet and is guarded by various priests. Most buildings are made out of stone, the poorer houses and regions have their villages made from wood and are more like shacks.

    The Telmarin are a very large race. Their males rang from 8ft to 9.5ft in height, while their females range from 6ft to 8ft. Their skin is a soft blue and their clothing is mostly skins. Their eyes differ like ours, although blue eyes are very rare, very uncommon. Their hair also varies in colors and styles, although the most common style for males is a mohawk of sorts, and for females it's corded hair with beads that stretch down the middle of the skull, while both sides is shaved bald. They are very much respecters of the earth and are very religious. They have the ability to control plant life to an extent, and are generally a peaceful people. There are a few clan wars, and this is where you come in.

    There is a war brewing. The Killyn have decided their territory is to small and that for to long they have been playing tea party with the other tribes. When the red sun rises, they plan to strike and bring the other tribes down, becoming the rulers of Telmarin and the fountain.
    The face of Telmar is split by a forest that surrounds the fountain. This forest with its various mountain ranges, rivers, streams, and caverns, seperates the world into four parts. The four parts are homes to the four clans of Telmarins. The Killyn (Kye-leen) live in the north west, the Tribett (Tree-bet) to the south west, Mokaokao (Mo-Cow-Cow) to the north east, and Preistaste (Preist-ass-teh) to the south east.


    This clan is know as the "Blood Skins". They get their name from their ruthless, war seeking attitudes that lead them to always cause havoc. These people are usually selfish in their dealings, always looking to find gain, and are trained from a young age to kill. Most wear paints of bone white and blood red, thus the name Blood Skins. Years before, they actually did wear the blood of their enemies when they went into war as a way of intimidation. They are the gluttons and epitome of the seven deadly sins. This is by far the largest of the clans.


    This clan is the clan of warriors though they have a reverence and respect for life that the Killyn do not. The Tribett are very much centered around honor and do not kill for pleasure. They fight for what they believe to be right and they are also a very spiritual people. The woman are all born with a mark at the back of the neck, it is a swirl almost and is a darker blue than their skin. The males have this same mark, only it is right where the rib cage splits. Failures are taken very seriously since they are what stands between life and death considering the nature of their tribe. Failure in war calls for the warrior to cut their hair off as a mark of shame.


    This clan is known for their artisan work. Many miners, builders, things of this sort are found here. They would be considered the richer of the clans. To go here would be like going from the country to a big city. They are by far the most sophisticated and the most developed. They tend to have softer features than the other tribes with wider nostrils. They are very much...softies. Even their soldiers would be considered soft.


    This is where the priests and priestesses are usually born. They are the most spiritual and most peaceful of the tribe. They are the ones that are meant to guard the fountain. Hardly ever do they interact with the other tribes or mingle in their dealings. They have a crest mark on their foreheads and are very reserved.

    Genders do not have to be equal and all genders are welcome in war...typically. The Tribett and the Killyn are more of the sticklers about that, but that's about it.

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