In Destance, being different is a crime. Enter at your own risk, fight, fall, and die as one of them. Or perhaps, rise above it all. Maybe you can set them free.

    The Government -- General Information


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    The Government -- General Information Empty The Government -- General Information

    Post by Masquerade on Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:26 pm

    Okay, so take a step back for a moment from the fact this is a fictional world, and consider our own. In the past there have been multiple counties that have been ruled by a dictator, or a monarch, and in turn they ended up either falling into ruin, being conquered by another country, or just being left alone or secluded. Sometimes they’re allowed the same rights as others, but not all too often.

    Okay, when I’m saying this what do you automatically been to think of? Perhaps World War II with the rise of the dictators and everything? If so, then bingo, you’re reaching the parallel I’m drawing to Destance. Their society is somewhat like the constitutional monarchy that Japan had in place at the beginning of the war.

    Their king is to be obeyed absolutely, no questions asked. Although he doesn’t often bother himself with the everyday problems of the kingdom. He is more likely to be found trying to reign in his son or daughter, seeing as they are the ones who carry on the family name.

    So, this said, there are a few things I should put out about the government.

    The Royal Family

    The Kami family is quite small actually, which you wouldn’t picture a royal family to be. It consists of simply the king, queen, a daughter and a son. One of which is never seen, and has all but been stripped of his title. There are also minor relatives, but those will be mentioned later.

    The king only marries once, except in the case of divorce, which isn’t common. There’s also the chance of the wife dying, which is more often than divorce, and well, to put it frankly is most likely caused by the king’s wish for either a) a new wife, b) a younger wife, or c) all of the above.

    Traditionally it is the first born son of the king who is given the thrown. Never the daughter seeing as this is a native dominated society and the natives believed that women were lesser than, and have a hard enough time seeing them as equal members of society, let alone ruling bodies. So, in turn, the queen doesn’t have near as much power, nor do the princesses.

    The King

    Rye Kami, the seventh king of Destance is what you would call… okay fine, I won’t beat around the bush. He’s an arrogant, self-centered, vain, prideful, son-of-a.. oh got a little carried away there…

    Let’s just say, he’s not the guy you’d picture running a ‘utopian’ society. He’s only on his first wife, although rumor says that he’s looking fo
    r another who doesn’t ‘bore’ him. He tends to be quick to anger, and not that easy to forgive. When approaching him in court… or you have the unlucky occurrence of meeting him beyond the walls of the castle, be careful of your words and actions, he won’t hesitate to order you thrown in prison, beyond the ears of the public of course. You may seem fine for a long time, but those who defy him have a habit of disappearing.

    More soon....................................

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